Brand Indicators for Message Identification

This is a DRAFT for future releases

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) permits Domain Owners to coordinate with Mail User Agents (MUAs) to display brand-specific Indicators next to properly authenticated messages.

While the previous authentication and identification methods work in the background, BIMI is the first whose objective is to make visible and strengthen a brand on the front-end side. The logo is displayed within the user interface of the recipient’s webmail.

There are two aspects of BIMI coordination:

  1. A scalable mechanism for Domain Owners to publish their desired Indicators
  2. A mechanism for Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) to verify the authenticity of the Indicator.

The current BIMI RFC is not an Internet Standards Track specification. It is “Internet-Draft”. Please remember that it is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material.

Until BIMI RFC is not released as an “Internet Standard” the vSMTP implementation should be considered as a “work in progress”.

The implementation of this feature in the vSMTP framework is planned for a future release.