vSMTP is a stand-alone application with few kernel interactions, it may run on any system with slight modifications. Many installation methods are available:

  • by extracting a binary package suitable for your distribution,
  • by using Rust’s Cargo tool,
  • by deploying a Docker container.

If your system is not supported or if these installation method are not suited for your usage, you can contact us by opening an issue on github or by joining the official discord server.

It is possible to download and build the project from source, see the dedicated chapter.


Physical requirements

The current release has been tested and deployed on x86/64 and ARMv7 architectures.

Operating systems

vSMTP is tested and deployed on the latests Ubuntu Server LTS version, but vSMTP should be compatible with any recent Linux distributions.

FreeBSD 13.x is supported using the latest port branch which includes Rust 1.60.

Microsoft Windows Server is not supported.

Installation methods

Linux distros

Debian binary packages .deb can be downloaded from the release section of the vSMTP github.

sudo apt install vsmtp

Fedora and RedHat packages are planned for future releases. help wanted

BSD ports

help wanted ( Issue 484 )

Rust Cargo

vSMTP is published on It can be installed using cargo.

cargo install vsmtp


A docker image for vSMTP is available to download.

docker pull viridit/vsmtp