vSMTP is a stand-alone application with few kernel interactions, it may run on any system with slight modifications.

vSMTP is currently under development. There’s only a DEBIAN package. Anyway vSMTP can be easily compiled from source code.

Physical requirements

The current release has been tested and deployed on x86/64 environments.

If you want to use vSMTP on any other CPU architectures, contact us by opening an issue on github or by joining the official discord server.

Operating systems

vSMTP is tested and deployed on Ubuntu Server 20.04 with kernel 5.4, but vSMTP should be compatible with any recent Linux distributions.

FreeBSD 13.x is supported using the latest port branch which includes Rust 1.60. NetBSD and OpenBSD supports are planned for Q3-2022.

Microsoft Windows Server is not supported.